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1083 Virtual Mile Challenge (1083vmc)

Yep, Team Chariot has finished the 1083vmc.

Partly for fun, partly to encourage some excellent charities, partly to give our message of hope along the way.

So, 1083 miles (virtually) in a year, was the plan. Why 1083 Miles? That’s the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats. The length of the UK. The event organiser (the Conqueror Challenge) has chosen the route, so it’s 1083 miles (

A little more than other routes, but that’s fine by us

See where we went – 1083 virtual miles

How can Team Chariot help the charities?

Each charity being carried along part of the 1083 journey will have their logo shown on our rucksack, plus have an article on our website, along with tags, mentions & posts on social media with a link to their own website.

Check out our charity page to see who we’ve supported over the years.  At the moment we’re raising profile of these excellent people.

Flying life saving goods and medicines around the world to places where no-one else can reach.
Supporting serving and ex-serving Royal Marines and their families
Supportive charity working amongst our military. Faith, prayer and encouragement to all.
Reaching out to the military community suffering from stress. Aiming to inspire, coach and motivate
Excellent service that provides help and shelter to those suffering from domestic abuse.


Who’s gonna be next?

How do we complete virtual miles?

1: An actual mile for mile activity (eg; 5 miles = 5 virtual miles).

2: The event organiser has a conversion chart. Certain physical activities, over a period of time, equate to virtual miles (eg; 1 hour weight lifting = ?? virtual miles).

As our virtual miles are added to the app, we make our way up the UK.

Recent 1083vmc activities have been:

Outside: 10 mile TAB (+ 40lb), Hike (+ 40lb), Cross country (with & without 40lb), TAB to Park Run & TAB back, assault course, workouts, running/jogging, walking (no weight)

Inside: Workouts, circuit training. At work with 22lb (10kg) weighted vest, wearing 2 x 2kg ankle weights (all day),