30 Mile ‘THANK-YOU’ Challenge – Help a COBI

Over this Covid pandemic, many people have suffered many losses. This has been tragic.

However, amongst the onslaught of this pandemic, various Charities, Organisations, Businesses and even Individuals (COBI) have given time, resources, food, shelter and much more to those in need.

Before we hopefully move out of Covid lockdown on June 21st this year, wouldn’t it be good to try and help a COBI who help so many, going beyond the call of duty. They themselves struggling to keep going.

The Team Chariot ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge’ (May 2021) can be a vehicle for gratitude and kindness to be shown back to a COBI. Entrants of the Challenge will complete 30 Miles (locally) within any 7 consecutive days in May 2021 – Plus, a harder ‘weightier’ option for those feeling adventurous enough. All this while fundraising or somehow helping a COBI that have helped, and maybe still do.

We all need a goal, purpose, a drive. Something good and kind to aim for. A feel-good factor.

Rewards of the ‘30 mile THANK-YOU Challenge’ (Virtual): Fun, physically challenging, morale boosting, encouraging others, shaking lockdown blues off! All outdoors. Obviously, Covid restrictions apply.

Examples of a COBI: well known & new charities to volunteer centres, food outlets & hospitality kitchens to online classrooms, community centres to churches.

So, how do you get involved? Where do you train? Can you have an entrant/race number? Do you need to be in a team? BEFORE all these questions are answered, sort this check list first:-

  • Find a COBI to help
  • Contact & encourage them
  • Set up a fundraising page

  • Begin getting fitter, slowly
  • Sort decent footwear
  • Toughen your feet

  • Roughly plan routes
  • Work out daily miles
  • Prep water & food

Team Chariot has constantly been in training over the Covid pandemic. From fun garden assault courses to marathons (weighted).

This image shows how Team Chariot will be training for the ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge’. What about you?

May 2021 is not far away. Help a COBI, get fitter in the process.

Be in touch again very soon. Pete Biz

If you want some ideas of a COBI, check out our charity & sponsor pages

Remember, this challenge is for MAY 2021. So get training now.

Team Chariot’s chosen COBI is ‘The Salvation Army‘.

Thank you.

If you join Team Chariot ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge’ , you will receive:- access to the dedicated fb page to share your challenge photos, and you’ll be placed on the finishers listing. Interested? Then read on!

Note: There is no charge or joining fee to be part of the Team Chariot Virtual ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge. All donations you receive must go to your chosen COBI.

*** *** ***

How to join in with the Team Chariot ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge’. Choose your entrant categories.

  • COBI
  • C- Charity
  • O- Organisation
  • B- Business
  • I-Individual
  • Age:
  • Alpha:18 – 29
  • Bravo: 30 – 39
  • Charlie: 40 – 49
  • Delta: 50 + over

  • W-Level
  • 1: unladen
  • 2: 20lb (Boots)
  • 3: 30lb (Boots)
  • 4: 40lb (Boots)

Work out your category from the list above (ie. a 24 year old, who wants to carry 30lb & support a business = B, Alpha, 3). Entrants under 18 years of age can enter, but must be accompanied & supervised by an adult on route)

Disciples: On foot (walk, run, TAB, Yomp etc), Wheels – not motorised (Bicycle, tricycle, push scooter, wheelchair). An exception will be made for anyone incapacitated in a motorised wheelchair, but must be accompanied – be great to have you join in.

Evidence of distance: All entrants will need a tracking app, or some way of verifying miles completed.

Joining the ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge’:

  1. Contact your COBI & setup a fundraising page or offer of help to them.
  2. Plan your personal 30 mile routes in your local area, park, garden. No need to travel to a specific site.
  3. Ask your friends & family if they’d like to sponsor you for your chosen COBI. Or to join in too.
  4. Option to post updates & photos on our fb page

Again, understand, there is NO joining fee for the Virtual Team Chariot ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge’. All donations you gain must go to your COBI fundraising page.

I choose to train with a 46lb log

Training kit. Rucksack, log & safety boots

— — — —

The Team Chariot ’30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge’ – Basic Rules:

1 Choose & support a COBI.

2 Distance of 30 miles (must be Covid legal), within any 7 day period in MAY 2021

3 W-Level: Water or food etc are not to be included in laden W-Level

Weight Warning: Carrying unusually heavy weight over a long distance needs careful strengthening & training. Not recommended for novices. MUST wear boots to protect ankles.

4 Entrants welfare: responsible for their own welfare, safety, routes, fundraising & first aid etc.

5 Routes: must be outdoors. But not on private land.

6 Tracked miles: via Strava or similar

7 Behaviour: Act responsibly & be polite. No spitting or littering.

8 This is a challenge with a difference. Prepare, train, do, encourage.

Let us know how you’re getting on with training. MAY 2021 is here now. Time to ‘Shut up & get on with it’. Lol