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Team Chariot

Pete Biz – Founder of Team Chariot

After a wonderful family holiday in New Zealand I decided to whip up that same buzz of fun and adventure. So, Team Chariot was born. With a lifetime of helping people get fitter, plus being an outdoor activity instructor, I set my target on an OCR – Obstacle Course Race. Others wanted to join me, so the journey began.

After 2 challenge events, my little team of people dropped off. Normal commitments in life; college, university, work and having babies. I wished them all well, then carried on. Along with Pebi Designs, we began raising the profile for charities. After a quick prayer for direction this developed into encouraging some military charities. Since then Team Chariot has had the pleasure of supporting some of our excellent military personnel and their families. Civilian charities have also joined the list of those helped.

The message of Team Chariot

I had a powerful vision. In my mind’s eye I saw people trapped, walking aimlessly in a very dark place. They were bewildered, confused, traumatised, lost – without hope. Who were they? Where did they come from? How did they get there? A masterful voice then boomed, “Go and tell them, I’ve not forgotten them”.

That picture, people trapped in a numb empty void, has stayed with me. I constantly pray to reach those who feel so isolated, lost, empty, broken and aimless?

Team Chariot’s purpose, passion and drive is to communicate that message of hope: ‘God has NOT forgotten You’.