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EVE – transforming lives affected by domestic abuse

Over the next months, Team Chariot will be clocking up virtual miles along the route of ‘Lands End to John O’Groats’ (some 1,083 miles). While doing this around our normal daily lifestyle we also want to give a shout-out to some of the excellent charities we’ve supported over the years.
Here’s one of them …

In 2020, Team Chariot was privileged to do a fundraising challenge for ‘EVE’ (26.2 miles carrying 26kg – nothing to the weight others carry daily).

So, who are EVE, and what do they do? Listening to the news over recent years, you’ll be aware of a horrible growing issue in our country – domestic abuse.

Well, EVE are a charity that seeks to help those struggling under the torment and destruction of someone’s cruelty.

EVE, who have been running a Family Refuge in Northamptonshire for over 40 years, continually aim to support those women and children who suffer this type of oppression. This silent oppression sometimes goes unnoticed, even by those closest to them. Some men have also been oppressed the same way, however, EVE focus on supporting women and children who are escaping domestic abuse. Whether, physical, mental, emotional or otherwise, EVE, try to help as many as possible.

These are some of the things EVE do:

  • Help women who are victims of domestic abuse to rebuild their lives and prepare them for a future.
  • Provide a refuge service for women and children who have escaped domestic abuse
  • Deliver specialised group work sessions for women, children and families that help them to identify domestic abuse.
  • Train professionals in a range of topics to help them help ‘victims’ become ‘survivors’.
  • Run a behavioural change programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse to develop healthy, positive behavioural patterns

While Team Chariot can’t help EVE directly, we can help by raising their profile as we clock up virtual miles. Perhaps some people could maybe donate, offer assistance, do a training course, or become a volunteer for EVE?

Please share the work of EVE with others. They need your help. Here’s their website:

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