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LOW MOTO – tank dry?

Invite to join in with Team Chariot – helping those who help many more. Read on …

What you been training for??? Could be:- To keep fit– just need to get out the house – keep up with friends – lose weight – improve blood circulation – to stop getting old – helping your body – proving to someone – Peer pressure to train – medical reasons – mental issues – prep for an event … the list goes on.

Do you find, whatever your reason for training, it’s not enough? Motivation has run dry!

MOTO Meter - LOW
MOTO Meter

We all know, the simple act of helping others rewards us personally, it fuels us. It’s a two-way thing. A survival principle. Someone once said “There’s a deeper joy in giving than just receiving”. So we look for a worthy purpose, a reason, a target to channel our giving which will create the motivation we need to gain that ‘feel good factor’ or rush of ‘endorphins’. It becomes our fuel.

MOTO Meter

Result! Since starting Team Chariot we have seen the ‘Giving principle’ play out. Not only do organisations benefit from fundraising and advertising, but people doing the work also receive personally from being acknowledged. This then blesses us physically, mentally and spiritually. ROCKiN’

On this website you’ll see all the charities and organisations we’ve helped. They all do such a great job in their bespoke area. Can you help them? Check out:

Invite. Team Chariot is constantly training to help those who help many more. Want to train & swap notes alongside us? What organisation or charity will you help? We can MOTO-VATE each other!

Watch the video. Be encouraged. Get motivated. Get training for something. Let me know what you’re training for.