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Team Chariot Videos

Capturing the action of Team Chariot as it happened. Throughout the years cameras and a headcam have been very close by. Whether photographers desperately trying to keep a step ahead during an OCR, or a mounted headcam on the mountain challenges, we’ve got footage.

You’ll hear the sounds, see the challenge, practically feel the adrenalin pumping as if you were there.

Winter Assault Course Training

Tyres, tunnel, timber, mud, puddles, what’s not to like?

Join us as we play … if you can keep up. 🙂

Training day at Whitemoor Lakes

Prepping for the Royal Marines Commando Challenge

Found some instructing staff to join me – Lol!

3MC venture

3 Military Challenges for 3 Military Charities

SAS, Paras and Royal Marines test events

London Marathon 2019 – boots, rucksack & 22 pushups

NAYC help youth clubs get started and maintain an active role by playing games and activities at each location. A pleasure to support them.

2020 Update: Even through this Corona Virus outbreak, NAYC are doing what they can to continue helping youth clubs.

Garden Assault Course – Covid19

Lockdown + Stay at home = Play

Turned the garden into an assault course to show respect to NHS and Emergency Services during the Coronavirus

30 Mile THANK-YOU Challenge

Thanking a COBI for their dedication during covid

Aiming to give recognition, attention & hopefully raise some funds for the Salvation Army by completing 30 miles. Also trying to motivate others to help a COBI too. This could benefit themselves mentally & physically too