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Yorkshire 3 Peaks – 24 Challenge

Respect to all Em Servs

Following many recent news reports of Emergency Service personnel struggling with their workload we felt Team Chariot needed to encourage them. They do such an amazing & lifesaving job. We’re all very indebted to them. We have friends in A&E, paramedic, ambulance, police, & fire roles we wanted to give a shout out to those too.

Why Y3P

The theme of ‘24’ was relevant as all the Em Servs (Emergency Services) give a 24hr service, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. So with that the Yorkshire 3 Peaks was chosen with it’s 24 mile circuit over the rolling peaks of the Yorkshire Dales, UK.

To add a typical Team Chariot flavour to it, a rucksack was carried with 24 lbs (plus a few extra pounds with food & water), plus 24 pushups each mile just for fun. Obviously the rucksack had graphics showing respect to all Em Servs. Tradesman ‘Rockfall’ toecap safety boots, work trousers & even a tape measure were worn over the 24 miles to further represent gratitude from the civilian tradesman community.

Hiking with 24lbs, bit of jogging, pushups, foot repairs & lunch took me 8.45hrs.

During the 24 miles, as well as chatting to other hikers, some time was spent praying for each of Em Serv sectors. Thanking God for their service & asking for their protection. I feel blessing them & their families is very important.

If reading this you are an Em Serv please accept Team Chariot’s feeble thank you. If you know of an Em Serv, please pass on our gratitude.

Y3P vs N3P – What is harder?

For those who haven’t done the Y3P (Yorkshire 3 Peaks) & want to know how hard it is compared to the N3P (National 3 Peaks), here’s a summary:

The Y3P is a constant push, more endurance & focus is necessary than is N3P. Peak summits are not as high as N3P, but it feels it. You’ll need an hourly bit to munch & slurp of water to keep you going good.. The route is mostly sign posted or trail worn, but with a few areas of no obvious direction. Use a map & compass. Although the route may seem relentless, it will be completed if you keep moving.

The N3P in comparison is in 3 sections, therefore rest is available driving between peaks (if you’re not driving) than the Y3P. However, it can be hard to get you’re muscles going again, strains can be off-putting as can patching up blisters after sitting in a vehicle for hours. All these factors can be problematic. Motivation levels can drain between mountains. Your pace will need setting for each mountain. You may need a guide or at least a map & compass.

Team Chariot would like to do them both again. Interested?

For those who are thinking of employment in the Em Servs – well done.