Training. Really???

No-one really likes training, apart from a few of us. The novelty of spending weeks or months prepping in advance of an event slowly wears away after a while. But, you get used to it.

So why do it? Why not just jump in and do the outdoor event without training? Well, depending on what it is, you can just jump in … if you’re partly ready. Your body is similar to a recipe for a fantastic meal, a wonderful loaf of bread, or even a great cake. In other words, if you haven’t prepared and got the correct ingredients it won’t turn out right. And without heat from a cooker or oven … you ain’t cooking anything!

There’s no quick fix to getting ready – we‘ve all tried, several times.


Get home from work and just want to go out for a run. So throw caution to the wind, strip off, change into running gear, can’t find the right shorts or socks but who cares, “I must get out and run 4 miles before dinner” you tell yourself full of certainty. Shoes on, open the door, stretch a little, then run full pelt down the road. “Oh, this is great! Feels so good!”. And then, 3 minutes later you screech (or hobble) to a halt. “No! Not my calf again! Wow that hurts!”, silently screaming but smiling as people pass by. “It’s ok, just relax it will wear off”, you think … but oh no it doesn’t! It gets worse.

Hobbling back home, pride it tatters, trying not to cry cos it really really hurts. All you want to do now is get home and shut the door. If anyone asks, you decided on a shorter route today, ok.

Or is that just me?

Got to go now. I left the key in the door. God bless. Pete Biz

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